Audio Creations delray beach Florida


Complaint: I walked into this place about a year ago. I had them install a full audio system from head unit to subwoofers. The prices that they gave me to do everything from installation to products were very absurd. I decided since I was already there then “what the hell?”” The installation was supposed to take only one day and it ended up taking A WHOPPING 1 WEEK! I paid them the money and it seemed like they knew it was a joke with smirks on their faces. I then started to drive away and turned up the radio and sounded nothing but complete static

Tags: Auto Audio Electronics

Address: and the FUSE BLEW in less than 10 seconds! I turned my car around and described to them what had happened. Trying to identify the problem

Website: they gave me back my vehicle. I should’ve had them play the stereo right then and there before I took it

Phone: they BLEW another THREE FUSES! I had to sit there for 3 more hours so they could replace wires and fuse boxes because apparently the ones they installed were from the bottom of the barrel! Finally

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