Audra Harris – Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma


Audra Harris, age 30, previously from Tahlequah, OK now living in Tulsa, OK has presented herself as quite the poacher and gold digger. She knowingly slept with my friends husband, and while he was home with his wife in bed with her continues to entice him via text messages and phone calls. She texts her husband making fun of his wife, even though she has never met her. She constantly asked him to hang out, even moving to the town he lived in. She asked him for a job at his office because she was broke and needed money, but then asked him out to the bars every night after work while his wife was at home with the kids. This twatwaffle thinks she’s special and that she can maneuver her way into his life because she believes he has a lot of money. She knowingly and intentionally slept with a married man and continuously sought him out after he stopped taking to her. She talked horribly about my friend and bragged to people that she’s dating him. She asked her to take her to New York City as well. She’s a disgusting human being that will go after any man she thinks will get her ahead in life. Lock your doors ladies because she’s coming after yours too!

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