AUIC Core Health Insurance ,SASID Walnut Creek California Review


This company is a total scam. Fake health insurance. I paid my premiums faithfully for many years for the AUIC Core Health Insurance from SASID, and when I finally had a claim, they refused to pay it, it reminds me of if you remember that movie the Rainmaker , the health insurance company that refused to pay claims for those who badly needed it, after years of paying premiums while healthy and then when you get sick, they pull the rug out from under you.., well this company needs to be forced out of business too.. Association of Internet Consumers AUIC Core Health Insurance from SASID (Smart and Simple Insurance Development) will not pay your claims even if you pay your premiums faithfully without having any claims for many years.. if you like paying for something and getting nothing in return, then go buy their policy today, you can get it on any of their websites:

14 N Parker Dr #300 Janesville, Wisconsin United States

1.800.279.2290, also auic plans sold on

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