I was contacted via email by someone claiming to be an Executive VP for a Ausenco, a global company based in Australia. They said they found my resume on ZipRecruiter, and wanted an Executive/Personal Assistant, who would work remotely. The information provided was vague and sounded too good to be true- and of course it was, but my curiosity got the better of me so I decided to play along to see what they really wanted.After a couple of emails, the communication moved to texts. I was told I’d be receiving a FedEx containing more information. All it contained was a cashier’s check for $2,750. I was told to deposit the check and send confirmation of the deposit, and they’d follow up with specifics of duties.I called the bank named on the check to confirm if it was real and was told it did not come from them. Also, the email address given suddenly bounced back. I was told the domain had changed and was given a Gmail address instead. I didn’t respond after that, nor did I take their call coming from the 424-307-4180 number.Another odd thing: the FedEx label named another person at a California residential address as the shipper, but a call to FedEx confirmed the envelope was actually shipped from Indianapolis IN.

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