Austin House Assisted Living Review


This Windsor Austin House (or whatever it likes to call itself; as it is located in various parts of the country under various names but is run by a California | Landlord) is an unkempt, unrully & often lawbreaking “establishment” that is tyrranical towards seniors and the unaffirmed with Dimentias and non-Dementias alike and the place encourages a wide-range of crimes and harsh treatment of employee contractors/sub-contractors and likewise; the residents of-same and it is unsupervised by the State of Arizona’s long term care services insurance (ALTCS) which is short-staffed and grossly insufficient for the work-at-hand. It’s a fraud perpetrated against the taxpayers and the medical community at-large. And it’s criminal…doing everything from stealing residents mails to stealing residents mailed merchandise and disobeying prescriptions or stealing them and thereby threatening the lives of all. Federal laws ignored and snubbed and even charging more in personal cash than a Resident can afford. See: Yelp APP for more details BUT; Don’t put your loved-ones or incapacitateds in ANY of these “Windsor” facilities and Buyer beware of them, as they are run like an adult prison, dirty and unkempt and putride sanitary conditions not unlike the old Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary was in allot of aspects. It will shock you! Guaranteed!


Name: Austin House Assisted Living

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Cottonwood

Address: 195 S Willard St

Phone: 1 928-634-4278


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