Austin’s Largest Food Commissary & Commercial Kitchen


The following occurred between me and Alexandra Weeks, AKA Alexandra Worthington, of Adams Food Group, AKA Superfood Chefs AKA Culinary Factory AKA Culinary Cowgirls, in Austin TX between February 2016 and April 2017. | In February 2016 I initiated contact with Alex Weeks at Culinary Factory to run a test batch of product and obtain a shelf life test through a third party lab. | Per our agreeement, Alex was to provide a shelf life test and lab results. The test product was created 2/16/2016 and sent off to the lab. I asked for an update on 3/9/2016, and Alex replied the test product was still holding at the lab. I emailed three months later on 6/9/2016 asking for another update. Alex claimed her assistant had contacted me “a while ago” that the “results were not favorable” and that the samples didn’t even make it to 45 days. | I did not receive a call or email from Alex or her assistant, and asked to confirm my contact information and also to send the lab results of the failed test. Alex ignored my request to confirm contact info and replied with the following: | “The lab didn’t send any report. They called and asked if we wanted to stop the testing since it wasn’t going to give us what we wanted. I told them to stop. We will resend once you all decide how you want to proceed.” | I asked if I would be charged additional fees, and she replied yes. At this point, I was getting suspicious, but had no recourse because I did not have the name of the lab. On 8/8/2016, I asked Alex for the name of the lab. She did not reply at first but after my second request she replied with Quanta Lab in Shertz TX. I called the lab in August of 2016 but they would not release any information to me since the contract was between Quanta and Culinary Factory. At this point, I stopped investigating the matter. | In April 2017, I decided to call Quanta Lab again to see if there was anything they could tell me about the test. They explained the same situation – that because the contract was between Quanta and Culinary Factory, they could not tell me anything about the test. I asked if I could be informed of anything else related to the matter, and Quanta said that the bill for the product test WAS NEVER PAID. Quanta also said there are several tests in their lab submitted by Culinary Factory dating back months and none of those have been paid, either. | I promptly emailed Alex and said that I needed my money back in the form of cashier’s check and asked when I can pick up the funds. Alex replied (more quickly than ever before): | “The bill for your fees was paid. I am disputing something else with them. I will get your lab results” | To which I replied: | “Too late for that. You already told me that you cancelled the shelf life test and there are no results to show. Your other business with them does not concern our arrangement. I paid you with the understanding that you were going to pay the lab and get the results. I just spoke with Quanta Lab today and they confirmed, again, that the invoice was never paid. They also said they have had no contact with you or Culinary Factory for quite some time.” | Alex’s response had no relevance to the fact that the test was never paid; instead, she deflected and tried to say it was my fault: | “What I told you was the truth. Your product did not work as you instructed us to prepare and send to the lab. I did tell them to not test further, which is what they advised, because it was spoiled.” | I explained that her response was irrelevant. Alex’s response: | “I don’t understand where this is coming from. What are you claiming I didn’t do for you under our contract?” | Simple: I paid for a shelf life test and lab results. I expected a shelf life test and lab results, which were never produced. Alex claimed the test failed and there were no results, but when I discovered she never paid the lab, she immediately claimed she could acquire the results she previously claimed did not exist. Alex also ignored my requests for a refund. | Basically, Alex stole my money and, I believe, had no intention of paying for the test. According to Quanta, she never paid the bill on multiple submissions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has done this to other labs, possibly using different company names when submitting the tests. | Culinary Factory AKA Alexandra Weeks AKA Alexandra Worthington = FRAUD

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