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Complaint: In 2013 I was given the phone number to Authority Tax Services … They stated that they can handle my tax issues… After doing a phone interview .. They said it would be easy to fix my isses and we set up a payment plan… In then first few months they sent me many of paperwork… I completed all of them and return the paperwork to them… About three months into the process I was given a new rep.. I asked why and they said that the rep I had was no longer on the case … I did not knonw that this was one of the ways, that said If I comply with what they ask, they were going to keep changing my rep to stall me until they got all the money they asked for… Now I can not get anyone on the phone nor get a copy of anything that they said they did for me with the IRS… I contacted the IRS only to find out that they ( Authority Tax Services ) never once called the IRS on my behalf… All the long I was sending them all the paperwork I got from the IRS and they were doing nothing… Now my IRS /Tax issues are worst than ever and I my never be able to pay them off…

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: Los Angeles, California USA

Website: http://[email protected]/

Phone: 18885405931

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