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Complaint: My wife and I were going away for the weekend with our two dogs on June 22nd 2012 so I went online looking for a pet barrier to keep our dogs safe during our travel. On Monday, June 18th I found a pet barrier on sale at for $48.02 including free shipping (order# 16754186). Before checking out my online cart I went to their online chat to confirm that the barrier would be there by that Friday the 22nd so we could use it for our trip. I spoke to Sergio F. in their chat room and after making it perfectly clear (chat transcript available upon request) that it needed to arrive by Friday he assured me that it would be there by that Friday. That being said, I ordered the pet barrier. Friday afternoon comes around and my son (who is home) tells me that it has not come yet. I go to their shipping company tracking site only to find out that it won’t be delivered until Saturday. I call and make them aware of this and they say sorry and )there is nothing they can do other than discount it $15 or send a return shipping label. At this point we now have to make a trip to a local pet store (Petsmart) and buy one that is $25 higher. We get it home and assemble it and it works fine. We go on our weekend vacation without incident. Monday, June 25th I write an email asking for the difference of the amount I had to pay for the barrier I purchased (drove a total of 30 miles – took an hour out of my way and burned gas) I was only asking for the difference and nothing else like gas and time and that I would give them my receipt. They said they would check with their manager and get back to me. Low and behold I receive an email today, Tuesday, June 26th and stating almost the same thing that all they could do was credit the amount or forward a shipping label. I forwarded them the chat transcript and had all of the facts but they decided to do the bare minimum. Now, I have to drop it off at their designated shipping company to add to my inconvenience and then wait for the credit to post to my credit card. I made them fully aware that I would post this on the internet so that is what I am doing. Not to be mean but to warn people of these deceptive sales practices and very feable customer service. So if you are in the market for something that they have in stock I suggest you find it elsewhere and possibly save yourself a ton of aggravation.

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