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Auto Assure LLC SCAM Plano, Texas!!. On April of this year, Matt Normand of Auto Assure LLC discussed with me over the phone about the specs of the warranty and i made sure that all electrical components (ignition switch, etc) as well as the navigation system problem will be covered. I was assured over the phone that all of these are covered and most of the parts and labor are covered and that i can still continue to bring my car in the same shop/dealership of my choice which is Daniels BMW of Allentown PA. So i purchased the warranty thinking i can have a peace of mind knowing that whatever happen i have this company to depend on. because i am getting the premier package (the best package they have for my vehicle) which brings to $6335.00 payed the down payment of $317.00 and monthly payment of $250.75 for 2 years Now my car started having some problems and took it to the dealership on Nov. 1, 2018 @ Daniels BMW Gave Auto Assure a call on Nov 1 around 12:45pm to verify that navigation is covered and electrical system and it was confirmed. So the dealership contacted the claim service department at 4pm regarding the issues of my car: ignition switch needs replacement ($380) and navigation system coverage. Denied that its covered and that i need to pay for everything. I called them back today Nov. 2, 2018 and spoke with Samantha. She claimed it was not covered and whatever Matt told me doesnt matter at all. She offered me a $200 discount of the total warranty cost and waived the november payment. I feel like i have been scammed and tricked. I just need justice on this matter and this kind of business needs to be shut down for good for the sake of the honest consumers like me who are trying get peace of mind and when the need comes the warranty doesnt serve its purpose rather disappointments and frustrations especially in this very challenging economy. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL I want a full refund of my down payment ($317.00), monthly payments for the last 6 months ($1,504.50) and the cost that Daniels BMW is going to charge me (Estimated $1000 or more). And cancel or stop any business transaction from this kind of company.

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