Auto Club of America


Auto Club of America Bad service Oklahoma City Oklahoma!!. About a month ago I purchased a membership with Auto Club of America. Then about 10 days later I ran out of gas about 2 miles from home. I called the club and they dispatched a unprofessional guy in a truck with homemade lettering on the side of truck. He wanted $10 before he would give me the gas and I explained that I only had personal checks with me. He refused to accept a check and drove off. I walked 2 miles to a friend’s house and he helped me. I emailed the auto club and told them what happened and that I wanted to cancel my account with a full refund. Did not hear from them so, I contacted th BBB. After about a week they tell the BBB that they cancelled the account with no refund and the delivery guy gave me a ride to my friend’s house,which was not true.

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