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My name is Donna and I purchased a 2001 blazer from Mike back in 2012, I had my boyfriend with me and Mike told me nothing mechanical was wrong with this truck. I test drove it and I checked out the air conditioner and It was blowing kinda warm, so Mike added freon to the compressor, and he told me that it was just low, so I believed him. Than I asked if the 4×4 by was working and he told me Yes, absolutely, while my bf was recording him saying nothing mechanically was wrong with the vehicle. Again, I believed this man. I purchased this Chevy blazer on a Saturday and Sunday a friend of mine was checking it out and noticed the Differential was leaking and the 4×4 wasnt working at all and the air conditioner wasnt keeping the freon. So, I called Auto Connection and left Mike a voice mail letting him know all what was wrong with the Blazer. Than Monday morning I took the vehicle too my mechanic and they gave me a long list of things wrong with the Blazer. I called Mike Monday after I got the long list of things wrong with the Blazer, The transfer case to the 4×4 isnt working, No spare tire, the air conditioner compressor needs to be replaced, the ABS not working, The wrong size tires for the truck, on the wrong rims for a 4×4. Antifreeze leak. So, I had asked Mike to go half and half with me on all of the repairs. He told me buyers beware and I bought it AS IS NO WARRANTY, little did he know that I called within the 72 hour period and He should have met me half way. I went to pick up the plates and his wife was sitting at the desk and she said he is not a mechanic, and I told her, He runs a dealer ship and he isnt a mechanic? Just than Mike comes in complaining about doing some work on a fire wall. Than She went on to tell me they are not considered a dealership, and I said the Hell if you are, You sell more than 50 cars in 30 days, your considered a dealership. I contacted the fraud department in Chicago and I was told that I would have to get all the repairs done within a year in order to get my money back from this fraudulent dealer. It was over 3.000 to fix my truck, and I didnt make the time frame. I dont recommend this dealer to anyone, he just says “Buyers Beware”. He takes the money but wont do the right thing to help his customers. I did the right thing and let him know within 24 hours of buying this blazer what all was wrong with it. All he did was ignore me and get snoty. Please dont buy a vehicle from him.

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