AUTO CRAFT Complaint


At Auto Craft their motto is ” The mark of a good body shop is no mark at all” We had to return our 2005 cheverolet silverado back to them for unsatisfactory work four times. This was in about a three week period. One time they brought it out to my husband and the bumper was bareley hanging on. We ended up having to take it to a completley different shop, both by the way were contracted through our insurance company. We then had to wait another two weeks to get our truck back only to find out there was at leaste $2000 more work that had to be done for our truck to be back to good. It then took me over a week just to speak to the general manager of Auto Craft who treated me like I was an idiot who knew nothing of the business. I was offered no apology. Nothing! I was even lied to by the GM and told that he was the owner of the company. I did not take his word for it, called another branch and found the owners name, put a call into him and low and behold the GM called me shortly after with a completley different attitude. I would not recommend this body shop to anyone. I think it is great that they have been around for some time but I think they have lost appreciation for their customers along the way. By the way… We are getting ready to have to take the truck back in to have the transmission checked AGAIN!!! Yes, this is due to the wreck.

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