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Auto Depot Inc Auto Depot Inc, Ebay Username: 99NoReserve, John J Edmondson Sells Pure Junk Jacksonville Florida Tried to sell junk vehicle to me. Refused to give my deposit back after I found issues and want to quit the sale Jacksonville FL!!. I purchased a vehicle from Auto Depot Inc online auction. The vehicle was advertised as a vehicle in excellent condition online. So I paid $250 deposit through PayPal to Auto Depot Inc. I carried the rest of the payment amount in cash and drove 5 hours to Auto Depot Inc. I met the owner, he introduced himself as John. So I started to inspect the vehicle that I wanted to buy. I immediately found some problems which the owner did not declare in the advertisement. Rear passenger side power lock does not work at all. It can only be locked / unlocked manually. Rear passenger side window tint was tripped. The headliner was off the ceiling, and this is the show stopper for me. Seller did not declare these obvious issues in his online advertisement, otherwise i would not buy this vehicle at all. Since it’s due to the vehicle condition that stopped me from buying this vehicle, I asked seller my deposit back. I offered $50 to the seller to reimburse him online listing fee, and get my $200 back from the $250 deposit i paid. Seller agreed verbally at the time i was at his shop, but I never received any refund after that.

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