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Complaint: Please! Do not do business with them. My family received a letter, they live about 3 hours away, from the Georgia Department of Revenue saying that I owe 25 dollars for temporary insurance. The insurance was taken out on a car that I do not own. I test drove it for about 30 minutes? It will go on my license if I do not pay it. They have video footage of everything that goes on there in the office. They will also ask you to make a review before paperwork is done. Read the paperwork carefully, when I was about to sign for what I thought was 5 years it was actually for over six. The lady doing the paperwork said, “Oh

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Address: thats not five years?”” They take advantage of naive people. How can this dealership take out insurance in your name unknowingly? If paid late the bill goes to 85 dollars. What else have they done in my name? It’s not over but just getting started!”


Phone: Gainesville, Georgia USA

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