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Auto Gallery SELLING CARS WITH JACKED UP MILEAGE AND ENGINES ABOUT TO BLOW UP gainesville Georgia!!. This auto sales place is a disaster! They are mostly Spanish and cannot understand English or at least that is an excuse and they wrote my contract with a different mileage than the real mileage on the car like 100k less! Now the engine has blown up and they refuse to honor the warranty and have several different mileage listed for the same truck – what they do is sell you a car with a huge down payment that will eiher break down or blow up as soon as you buy t and they know you are in a strangle hold so you end up paying for the car to be serviced at their location then they stick you with a bill so high you cant make the payment and then they repo your car making your ,life a living hell! DO NOT BUY HERE!!!!! IT IS A NIGHTMARE!!

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