Auto Giant Woodbridge


Auto Giant Woodbridge Stuck me with the bill for the replacement of a tire woodbridge Virginia!!. I went to this dealer to purchase a vehicle about a month ago.During the test drive the TPS(Tire Pressure Sensor) light came on.I made the salesperson aware of it and was assured the issue would be taken care of. They took the vehicle around the corner and did a half as*ed detail job and the purchase was completed. In the next week the sensor light continues to come on. I kept putting air in the tires and the light would temporarily go off only to come back on again. I scheduled an appointment with their service depot. Upon inspection they found a huge nail on the edge of the tire, apparently it was causing a slow leak. I made the service manager aware of it and he advised that I contact the dealership and they may reimbure me for the tire. I followed his instructions and submitted the invoice as well as the repair receipt. I’ve been getting the run around for a solid month and counting. I was told a week, then someone is out of the office, somebody is out of town, etc etc etc. Its got to the pint now that they don’t respond to my calls or emails. It’s a damm shame that these kind of places still exist. I tell you what though will the help of social media i’m going to do all I can to expose these people. They go the wrong person.

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