Auto Giants, Inc. @4400 Branch Ave., Temple Hills, MD


Auto Giants, Inc. @4400 Branch Ave., Temple Hills, MD sold me a car the salesman said had no accidents then pretended to repair and ripped me off with my tradein becuse car was no good Temple Hills Maryland!!. March 28, 2017, I went to Auto Giants, 4400 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD, to trade in my car for a used one. Jovan the sales person showed me a Camery hybrid, 2015. I liked the car at first sight. I bought the car but at the time of test driving it Jovan said the car had no accidents and showed me a carfax report that did not state accidents on it. The next day I noticed a noise coming from under the car and took it back. They could not find where the noise was coming from so I took one of them on a drive and he heard what I heard but thought it was the roof. I dropped the car off for repair but when they told me to pick it up the noise was still there. In all I went back and forth to them for repair at least 4 times but I was in and out of their building at least 9 times. The final time they took the car and kept it for 9 days. For six days I would call them to see if the car was finished and EACH day they would say “It will be finished about 5 oclock”. They did not call to say it would not and they started to not answer their phones at all. I just happen to show up the 9th day and the car was just sitting outside with dust on the inside and outside of it like it had just been sitting, not being repaired. I called consumer affairs and was told to get Repair Reports for the car. When I asked for them the man typed one up right in front of me and gave me the one. I said I want all the Repair Reports for the car and was given two more that was quickly printed off. One of them was not mine. No reports? This is just an abriviated version of what I went through with them. I have a calendar of approximately how many times I went there and how many managers I spoke with but I did not start to keep an account on the calendar untill about the 10th of April. From then on I asked for a different car but was totally ignored. Never answered. They pretended to repair the car holding it until time ran out on the limited warranty.

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