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Auto Glass America Faulty Installation/water leaks costs $5,400 to date…Warranty is worthless…Mgr. Brad refuses to return my calls…Warranty is worthless…Don’t be lured by cash back scheme Tampa Florida!!. This company should be put out of business for being deceptive, dishonest, misleading and not honoring their warranty/workmanship. I had two windshields replaced by Auto Glass America due to rock chips. The second windshield was installed improperly. While driving down the road I heard what sounded like an air leak. I called the technician Mike and he came back to my house and removed the interior molding and sealed the windshield from the inside of the vehicle cabin. This resolved the issue of the air leak but unbenost to me, when it rained hard outside water was leaking inside my vehicle dashboard coroding my electrical harness and eventually shorting my ESP module. These fixes have costs me $5,400 so far. When I callled the salesperson Jaimie I was told that this is why Auto Glass America has a Warranty department. I telephoned the number provided and was told by the person that answered the phone that this issue was above his pay grade and that his mgr.. Brad would call me back that day. Brad never called back that day so I called back the next few days and each time was told that Brad would call me back. The only calls I received was from the very same technician Michael who inproperly installed my windshield. When I called back the Warranty department I was told that Michael was coming out to inspect the vehicle (seriously? They are sending out the same incompetent individual to inspect his own workmanship???). Michael took off the innterior molding where the windshield was defective and never performed a water test. The incompetency of the management of this company is astounding!!!! Michael later called me and asked if my commercial vehicle was recently wrapped, did I always have the GPS wired in the vehicle, etc. Apparently, Michael was fishing for an out as to how they would not be responsible for their faulty workmanship. Michael did admit that if they were to reseal the windshield when he came back to fix the air leak that most likely the windshield will break and they would need to install a new windshield! Now it is beginning to make sense. When I initially advised Auto Glass America that I had an air leak, they should have replaced the windshield at that time…not patch it from the inside and leave me vaunerable to a water leak damaging my vehicle to a tune of $5,400. Lesson to be learned: When your insurance company recommends that you use their participating windshield repair company, don’t choose a 3rd party like Auto Glass America since you have little recourse but to sue them for negligent, inferior workmanship!!!!!!!

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