AUTO INCOME.COM Auto Ventures ILLEGAL AUTO SALES NEW YORK NEW YORK!!. This Co-Op Auto Dealer leads potiential “Auto dealers” to sell cars/truck using their license all over the US. The problem is that in Oklahoma it’s illegal to buy a call and sell as a dealer using a dealers license from another state. You absolutely call sell a car in Oklahom as a out-of-state dealer and sell on Oklahoma soil. From their misleading website, approval letter and misleading staff they said that I could buy and sell cars in Oklahoma from my drive way and using their license and sending them the title and they’d transfer the car so it’s ready to sell to my new buyers. The fail to inform you that Oklahoma does not allow out of state dealers to come to Oklahoma and sell cars by advertising them online or showing the car in the state of Oklahoma. In order to do so you’d need an Oklahoma license and Auto Income does no hold a license in the state of Oklahoma. They believe by holding a out of state license that if they add you to your LLC as a user than it passes over state law which is not the case. The file is $25,000 miniumium for conduction auto sales without a valid license. When I brought it to their attention that they were breaking the local law in my area they hung-up on me Timothy Putnam said I was a jack-a*s. In no way shape or form did they confirm with me that I was wrong, but became angry after I brought my concerns to them for being fined for illegal activity. They wanted $987 to start the process and it would be $499 a month to hold their license. All to find out that if I get caught in Oklahoma selling the way they say I could sell I could be fined or put in jail.

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