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On JAN. 11, 2018 I called David Gray to cancel my contract because I still had another year on my warranty with the dealership that I bought the car from. When I signed up with Mr. Gray’s company I told him I still had another year with my current warranty and not to put his contract into effect until Apr of 2018. He has had my $2,152.00 for over a year and earning interest on it all this time. | When I called Gray and told him about having my money for over a year and reminding him about not putting his warranty into effect until Apr. of 2018, and the fact that I did not use his warranty because I still had one, he told me that asking to wait for the coverage to be put into effect a year later would like telling McDonald’s to sell spaghetti. After some arguing he said the money minus $300.00 for prorating and $75.00 for cancelling would be sent to me. I called in Feb. Gray said he would have to consult with another dept. I called 3 times in Feb. and was told gray would call me back, which of course he did not do. | I called on March 5 and was told the money would be put back on my credit card and to check every morning to see that it was returned. Like a fool I checked every day and nothing was returned. I called again and was told it was wired and to check with my credit card company. No good. I called again on March 12 and was told that the check was mailed to my home. Every day I looked for the mail and was dissappointed each time. I called numerous times and was told he would call back. Didn’t happen. I finally talked to Gray and he acted like he didn’t know me and he would have to check another dept. | I called on March 26 and I asked Gray why the hell he was doing this to me and he said “Oh. Cursing already? I will call back when you are in a better mood.” I asked to speak with his superior and he said “Who? The Janitor?” I lost it and said “You f**king b*****d!” Sorry for the language, but I am sooo frustrated. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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