Hello friends I am about to give you some do’s and some don’ts.First lets start out with the don’ts NEVER work for Marcus Ford at auto rescue of chicago where he is suppose to be the coordinator.this inconsiderate self center person(if thats what you would call him) cares only about him self.The owners of the company are not here in chicago so he has the show floor and believe me he takes advantage of it .He spends company money on unnecessary things such as he rides his motorcycle and have his little flunkie to drive his car around on pay day.High as gas is who would use two vehicle to pass out checks.I truly believe that the owners are sweet people but they have let a monster have access to there company.Father of Marcus orginally start the chicago rescuing which is how this monster came in to control.but he will destroy this company before long he cannot keep employee dont know how to talk to people don’t know how to interact with people etc.Cross Country is one there priority and they have a 0 tolerance level do you think he cares he say he does but never can replace equipment on time does not keep the guy with sufficent uniforms but he has all type of uniforms.If he would supply the guys out working with some of what he has cross country would not complain.and last but not lease here are some do’s .This is for the ones who are still working for him If you plan to quit play sick for a week and get your checks where you don’t have another onee coming because he will brake his neck to keep that check.this is one scheming rip of company you have to pay for your gas and you only make 10 dollars a call and some times you have to pay for customer gas which in the long run you are working to take care of Marcus and all of his habits

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