Auto Uniform Property Conveyor Systems [AUPS] Complaint


As a general contractor we entered into a contract with Uniform Property Conveyor Systems (AUPS Inc) through Ras Kaba. He had provided a quote through the project architect and submitted a rough design for a two storey conveyor system for a retail project we were building in Chicago. When the time came to start on the work he required a 50% deposit to begin fabrication which came to $11, 000 which we paid. Weeks went by and he finally produced “shop drawings” for review by the consultants. The drawings produced were minimal and very light on details. I believe they were generic drawings he tweaked slightly for the project. After approval he billed us another 40% ($9000) prior to shipping the conveyor equipment to the jobsite. At this point we began communicating with him to coordinate the delivery and install of the conveyor system. This is when he began to put off the install date past our requested dates. After the install was pushed back a couple weeks we began to get concerned and he became less and less responsive to our emails and calls confirming the delivery and install. Finally after repeated attempts to contact him and reaching out to the architect who initially found him, we did some further digging online and found other testimonials outlining similar instances where he scammed companies out of deposit monies without providing any material or services. At this point we also realized that the address listed on his website is bogus. When this came to light we attempted to get a hold of him by calling and email with no reply. Finally we notified Ras by email that his contract had been cancelled due to non-performance and we demanded our deposits back. That was in Sept 2017. As of January 2018 he has still not responded in any form. We reached out to the police to report the fraud and they recommended we hire an attorney and sue him. AUPS is not a legitimate company and Ras Kaba is a fraud and scam artist by all measures. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY for any reason.

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