AUTOBILITY Scammers, Liars and Crooks Fredericksburg Virginia!!. Crooks! I financed a vehicle from these criminals for a SUV that they sold me for $20,000, later to find out it was barely worth $5,000. A week after driving it off the lot the 4 Wheel Drive started slipping and transmission went out. I had brought the truck back to Fredericksburg from Florida to turn it and and they marked my credit report as a involuntary reposession. It was definitely a voluntary. These people are shady crooks and their vehicles are all POS’s. AVOID AUTOBILITY AT ALL COSTS. They rip you off with ridiculous payments and charge double if not triple what the car is worth. Not only that, they dont offer cash deals, they only offer financing. I’m hiring an attorney and I’ll own these scammers.

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