a Collected my cash and then ran me around, never shipped parts Addison Illinois!!. The site must be one of the worst scams I have evern encountered. I patiently waited for weeks for the parts to help my 17 year old daughter get her car on the road. After three weeks, and several hundred of her hard earned dollars! I got my first run around phone call. I waited 30 minutes to be told my parts would be shipped the following day. After the weekend past and I still had no tracking number, I filled out the online forms as the website instructed. They (the three) were never answered. I called again, and waited 30 minutes to be told the parts were shipping that afternoon. Again, a lie. I sent another email to the supposed manager, no return email again. So, I spent the morning calling, getting put on hold, then hung up on. Finally, I got someone to say they were trying to track the order so they could cancel it and get my daughter’s money back to her. I am not holding my breadth. I am pretty upset with the whole process. I wanted my kid to earn her parts money and invest something in her car, and several hundred dollars is just too much to just chock up to learning about scam companies. I wonder if the so called owner–Rumen Raykov is really a businessman or just a scam con man.

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