AutoChipsDirect Failure to address problems with their performance chips Atlanta Georgia!!. I purchased performance chips for my two 2018 Ford Focus’ and Lincoln MKT. All three triggered error messages requriing that the Ford/Lincoln dealer reset the monitor and erase the egine malfunction light. Auto Chips told me not to worry, everything was alright with the IAT and the chip other than I might have had it installed in the wrong location…too close to engine heat. Those in the focus were moved without alleviating the problem of triggering the alram from the IAT. I seriously doubt that the chips did any good; they did cause aggravation to my wife and me. Nothing gets your attention as much as the engine light illuminating, particularly at night! Autochips told me that since the chips had been installed for over thirty days, no compensation would be forthcoming. The chips have been removed and given a decent burial. A scam….

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