AutoGraf David car sales Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!!. On August 4,2012, I put a down payment of $400 down on a 1999 White Dodge Cavalier. I answered an ad off of Craigslist from a man named David of AutoGraf ( 720 N. Western). He explained the timing belt was broke, and offered to fix it. That put another $200 on the bill. I never received the car key from David claiming was going to fix it. After a week of stalling, he finally tells me the car is not fixable. I then demand my money back. He gave me $200 of the money. He then began to stall with returning my money. I went back to the shop the next day, and he SOLD the car. The police was called, and David told them I SOLD THE CAR. I have lost wages at work, and pain and suffering for the Dr. I had to see due to symptoms brewing from this. This man needs to return my money NOW!!

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