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AutoNation Ford Torrance The most scandalous auto dealership there is! Torrance California!!. This was the WORST EXPERIENCE imaginable at AutoNation Ford Torrance! These people are cheats, liars and thieves! The Sales Manager, George Rice and the General Manager, Aman Abraham are made of pure evil. Give your money to these two and you are handing money to the devil. Saturday August 30-It all began with a lease on a Ford Edge VIN 2FMDK3KC2EBA62585. George decided this was the car for me and he was going to get me a killer deal. I signed, traded in my lease on my Honda CRV and away I went. Oh, but first he had to jump start the BRAND NEW CAR! Yes, jump start! It was almost 11:00 pm and poor George was tired so he just wanted to go home. He never did a walk around, showed me how to work the electronic system or ensure the car was in any kind of working order. Sunday August 31-Upon awakening the next morning I was astounded to see scratches, dents, a missing cup holder and the tires were caked with dirt. I called George and with the sincerest apology he told me to bring the car back. He was going to get me the car in the color I ACTUALLY wanted and had originally asked for even though I was told there were none to be found. I did just that, brought the car back. He had a driver take my car to another dealer and had me sit patiently in the lobby. About an hour later he again, with his apologetic little man tone told me a mistake had been made there was no other car available, but again, a KILLER DEAL was to be made! My new killer deal was either a brand new Explorer for the same price or the SAME EDGE for a lower payment. When George brought me both deals The Explorer needed another $500.00 down and the payment was another $50.00 a month. How is this SAME price? This is just a string of lies and false promises that were made. I took the Edge lower payment deal. George promised to have the scratches and dents repaired, a new cup holder ordered and gave me the name and number for a person named Melissa who took care of issues such as these. George explained the body shop guy comes on Thursday, so in just a few short days my damaged brand new car would actually look brand new. Another 60 miles were added onto my damaged brand new car and the gas tank came back half full. Tuesday September 2-I did as instructed and called Melissa the following Tuesday. I was given the run around all day. She was either at lunch, break or with customers. Beatrice, the receptionist is really good at letting you know where everyone is and why they are not answering their calls or just blatantly hanging up without explanation. I even heard how difficult her job is-the phones ring all day long. Poor Beatrice. Wednesday September 3-After 12 attempts Melissa finally responded and apologized, apparently she was on vacation not with customers, on break or at lunch. Turns out the guy who does the body work just changed his schedule and now comes on Tuesdays. Just my luck, this was now Wednesday. Not to worry, I would only have to leave work early the following Monday so I could be on time to rent a car. I was told there were no loaner cars available. I went ahead and set up my appointment for the following Tuesday. Thursday September 4- As I walked to the parking lot next to my work to show off my damaged brand new car. I was astonished to find out the car would not start. Dead as a doornail! After taking some very deep breaths I called George, the always helpful sales manager. George sincerely apologized AGAIN and told me not to worry just get the car back to him. Huh? What? Seriously? George, the car wonu2019t start how do you want me to perform this task? George told me to figure it out. By this point I was furious! 300 miles on a brand new damaged car and it is dead in a parking lot! My boyfriend called George and explained my situation. For some reason George responds well to males, females, not so much. Miraculously, George was able to find a solution once he spoke with my boyfriend. A service tech was sent to bring me a brand new battery for my damaged brand new car.The service tech let me know he had only been employed for a month at Autonation Ford Torrance and had never worked on an Edge. He replaced the battery and was confused as to why an OLD BATTERY was in my damaged brand new car. I would have liked that answer too. After repeatedly calling all afternoon I was finally allowed to speak with a manager, Alan the service manager. Apparently managers are at lunch, break or with customers all day long. Thanks Beatrice, I know how hard your job is and taking time out answering those ringing phones to give me this information was much appreciated. I must say Alan was the ONLY person who understood the situation and demonstrated any type of understanding and empathy. My phone rang as I was leaving work and Aman, the General Manager was on the other end. Alan had relayed the fiasco that was occurring for the past several days. Aman was only concerned with my happiness and customers should never be treated this way. Thanks Aman, if only what you say was actually true! Aman explained he was going to make me happy and customers should never be treated this way. He requested I come back that evening and he assured me I would leave happy! Again, I went to the dealership and Aman whisked me into his office. He found me another KILLER DEAL! A better Ford Edge for the same price. He was going to lose $1000.00 on the deal but no worries; my happiness was of the utmost importance! Aman showed me the print out of the car and all of the beautiful options that were to be mine! Aman told me the car would be at the dealership the following evening or at the latest early Saturday morning. To my surprise Aman gave me a loaner car. Wow, I was told by both George and Melissa there are no loaner cars available at AutoNation Ford Torrance. Remember, I was going to have to leave work early the following Monday to have my damaged brand new car repaired because the rental car agency closes early. Aman even gave me his cell phone number and assured me he was always available for customers. There is even a bat phone in the back of the dealership that rings directly to his cell phone. Aman wanted me to use his number if I was ever dissatisfied with his dealership. Friday August 5-Friday afternoon my phone rang, Hector, another sales manager was on the line. He broke the news. The deal was not to be made. The car was nowhere to be found. So now I donu2019t have my CRV, or any other car for that matter. Just a crappy loaner car with less than a quarter tank of gas. This was the final straw. I called Aman on his cell phone, he had already left for the day and explained the dealership which had the car was not doing the trade, he had tried. I was done! My boyfriend called Aman and Aman explained his promise was either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Wait, the dealership was not willing to trade for the fancy new car, how can this promise ever be honored? Aman was told to have my CRV at the dealership as I was on my way. Miraculously Aman called my boyfriend and told him the CRV and the Edge with all the options were both on their way and I could leave with whichever car I choose. I entered the dealership irate. My CRV had just pulled up with NO GAS. The Edge with all of the fancy options never appeared. The finance guy wanted me to sign all of the Edge return paperwork BEFORE they released the CRV back to me. No way, not after this disaster, these are liars and thieves. Can you imagine, I release the damaged brand new Edge which Aman took the keys to the previous evening and I am not given my CRV? Yes, I do believe this was what the plan was. They wanted to screw me as much as they possibly could! George was hiding in the back office and he heard me say what liars all of them were. He peeked out of his office and began to argue with me, telling me he never lied, whoa, thatu2019s a lie right there George! We left the dealership after 9:00 pm and my boyfriend was told the Edge with all of the options was on the way around 5:00 pm. No Edge, nowhere to be found. Another lie from this crooked dealership! Aman was supposed to text my boyfriend giving him updates to the whereabouts of the all options Edge. No text, not one ever appeared. He stopped answering his phone and refuses to return phone calls. I guess customers are not his priority. My CRV registration is locked in the business office and will not be returned to me until the business office opens on Monday. Strange, supposedly my CRV was in Costa Mesa, why would my registration be locked in an office in Torrance?

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