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AutoSource of Hawaii Run away from here as fast as you can! Honolulu Hawaii!!. Run away from this dealership as fast as you can before you think of making a purchase with them!!! Buyer beware! We bought a 2007 audi on March 28th, 2013. Though the deal itself was as smooth as silk, the problems appeared one week later. Our car began having mechanical problems, and since we had purchased an extended warranty, we took our car to the Audi dealer (not the dealer we purchased the car from) for a diagnosis. Diagnosis came back that we had faulty fuel injectors and AC motors that needed replaced. Once the diagnosis came in, the warranty company was notified, but surprise, surprise, they didn’t have any record of our warranty. After going back and forth for three days between Autosource, the Audi dealership and the warranty company, we finally had things moving…until the warranty company questioned how we could have put 2000 miles on our car in just one week. Autosource fudged on reporting the odometer which slowed the process considerably. Three weeks later, we noticed that our automatic payment for our former vehicle (the one we traded in for the new purchase) had been taken out again. After calling that bank and making it clear to us that they had never been contacted about payoff, we called Rima and Han and threatened to bring an attorney into the mix to get this problem straightened out. Next day at opening time, my husband and I were in their office for explanations and to trace the paper trail of problems. We finally left there with a fed ex tracking number for our payoff. And, just when things looked like they might be falling into place, we were curious why our car registration was taking so long. (Six weeks at this point). I called DMV and they hadn’t recieved any transfer of ownership. We called 3 times and were finally told by Han that it was a top priority and that it would be taken care of by mid week this week. I just checked DMV again and still, no transfer of ownership. Their attention to detail is horendous to say the very least. 3 crucial mistakes on paperwork that cost us 2 weeks time to get straightened out and that was only because my husband was proactive and did much of the work himself. There is zero sense of urgency to get anything done, nothing that is proactivly done by any of the staff, to include the owner, RIMA of rectifying their mistakes. The cars may look nice, may be a great price, but NEVER, EVER, EVER worth the sh*t they put you through!!!!!

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