Autumn Patterson/Johnson – Miami, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This lovely piece of work decided to come between my relationship with my boyfriend and myself. My ex will also be added on here too. They decided that snapchat was the way to sneak around and message each other. He moved in with me quite early on in our relationship due to losing his job in the city we met in where I attend college. (My first mistake!) I started to notice his behavior changing about a week ago, so I got curious. He had told me his snapchat password (he’s not the brightest bulb in the box) not realizing I would remember it. Tonight he went to Miami to “go see his daughter” but never texted me and told me that he had gotten there. My suspicion level went to an all time high so I check his snap chat. LOW AND BEHOLD, this little homewrecker is his “best friend” on snapchat. I dug a little deeper and found that they had talk about oral sex and about how he’s gonna cum down her threat. (Gag me). When I confronted him, I let him believe someone hacked his snapchat and sent them to me. I’ll tell him the truth when he decides to bring back our vehicle (that I paid for). She goes by many names on Facebook. One being Amanda Patterson, Amanda Johnson, etc. Ladies beware! These two deserve each other.

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