Avis Renal Car


Avis Renal Car I rented a car for 3 days and I declined the insurances online, and I was still charged for them. I called Avis customer service several times and was told a supervisor was going to call me, but I never received a call from the supervisor. All of a sudden after I called again today and made a big issue of it they sent be a decision via email, refusing to look into the claim, and stating that they charges will not be reversed. Nationwide Nationwide!!. I rented a car from Avis renatl Car for 3 days. When I created my online profile I declined the supplemental insurances. When I reviewed my reciept 3 days later, I noticed that I was charged for the insuranced that I declined. I contacted Avis several times to speak to a supervisor to resolve this issue, and each time I called the CSRs took my phone number stating that a supervisor would call me. Today, I called a was able to speak with someone(who was not a supervisor) regarding my dispute of charges, and I was told again that a supervisor would call me. Instead of a phone call, I get a email from Avia stating that they would not be refunding the over $300 in insurance charges. I rbegan renting cars from this company for business purposes, but not anymore! I am one peson, not a big company, so I know that they don’t care about loosing my business. This company and the people who work for them have no morals and they don’t care about trying to resolve issues with their customers. I will not rent from this company again!

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