Avon Lakes Indianapolis Indiana Review


We moved to Avon Lakes in December of 2011 and have had nothing but problems since moving in and no one from the leasing office is concerned when we contact them… instead they are rude to us and treat us as an inconvenience. SOME of the issues we have had are: o The flooring was replaced in the master bathroom, but a large hole that lets in bugs and the outside weather was left behind, and there are rusted nails sticking out all around our bathtub. o The home was a mess and the carpets were filthy. o There is a broken window in my daughters bedroom that is literally cracked in half and hangs into the room; we were told it was not worth it to them to fix it and it would be left that way. o I called to tell them that the mini-blinds in the kitchen were broken; I gave them the measurements of the windows and was told someone would come out the next day with blinds and no one ever came. o The bathroom sink was broken and water would run into the cabinet underneath; this took a month to get fixed. o Our hot water stopped working, it took 2 days to get someone to come out and when they did all that was done was the water heater pilot was relit. This action provided us with hot water again for approximately 10 gallons before it was ice cold again. We called again and were told they would send someone out again to see what the problem was. The next day we were told that a part needed to be ordered from their supplier to get a new heat coil and it would be a few more days without hot water. I have two small children and both my husband and I work full-time, not showering/bathing is not an option, but we went for 6 days without hot water and had to carry buckets of boiling water from the stove to the bathrooms. o Our stove stopped working, we were told yet again that someone would be out in a few days, then 3 days later someone came out and yet again we were told they had to order a part from their supplier we ended up going 2 and a half WEEKS without an oven. When we made the agreement to move in we had been told that there was a special going on that would save us 50% on the cost of the “home rent”” for the first 5 months and our rent would be only $600/month and then after May our rent would increase to $900/month; however

when we went to sign our lease we were told the rent would be $750 for the first 5 months and then would increase to $950. I feel like this was basically a bait and switch because we already had all arrangements made to move to this property. Today

March 28


the corporate propertymanager came banging on our door (my husband just happened to be homewith our 1 year old son who is too ill to go to daycare) and they harassed my husband about the length of our grass and the placement of our satellite dish. The grass is a little long

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