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Complaint: I purchased the AVS software suite back in 2009. I was able to install it on whatever computer I needed to. Now I’m trying to move the software to another computer and got an error stating I already installed the software on a different computer. Their license agreement has been changed now stating not only can you not install it on another computer, you can’t uninstall it on one and move it to another either. I could accept it if you can only have it on a single system if I can remove the software from one and then install it on another, but they say you now have to buy a whole new license even to move it. So if your computer dies and you want to install it on a new system, you can’t. That is a scam to me and is not the agreement that I bought the software under. People need to be aware of this before purchasing this software.

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Address: 85 Great Portland London, United Kingdom

Website: www.avs4you.com/

Phone: (44) 208 144 3359

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