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Our house burned down in April of 2015 so we found Award Home was the closest place. We went and right off the batt Brian was arrogant and smart mouthed. After putting $15,000 down and a 716 FICA he couldn’t get me approved. I had to get my father involved. He then made my fathers life a living hell and refused to deal with me or my wife, the writers of said check! | After weeks of not returning phone calls and avoiding us at all cost, they finally start building the house. Another two months goes bye still no house! Another month, house gets to lot in Jasper. 48 days the house sat there for no reason. Finally a couple of people come and look at the property and see that all inspections and permits were valid and say they will bring house the next day. 2 weeks later they come back and say that the ground in contaminated and refuse to set house. Health inspector came out and deemed it safe and said to continue, still no house! Another 2 weeks and he says that someone is coming to dig and place some dirt for no reason. | People come and completely destroy my entire lot! Front yard, back yard, both sides! They set the back of my house up against the 5ft wall of dirt they dug out, for no reason! Set the house, left trash everywhere, did not hook water up, dirt everywhere inside the house and just left! That was 8 days ago! Again no answer when we call. Of course he doesn’t call us back. The HVAC was not ordered until September 15, 2015! Keep in mind we wrote check on May 16, 2015, the house has been on my property since August 27, 2015! | Our first house payment is due October 1, 2015 and we will not be living in our home! Another thing is this is a Scott Built Home that is half butt built at best. Busted Sheetrock everywhere, ceilings are cracked! When I pay $70,000 + for a house I expect more than this. I also expected a better house from a company such as Scott Built. I ultimately just want my family to be able to get back to some sense of normalcy!

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