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I hired Mr. McNeil aka Awesome Tubs to prepare bathtub/showers, etc. for me so I could refinish them. He went all over town with me so he could learn the trade. However, he did shoddy work that after two or three months is failing. I have been refinishing bathtubs and the like for more than 20 years and I have never had this issue. I explained to Mr. NOTawesome McNeil that this was clearly done on purpose in order to make his so called business thrive. He claims he is licensed, he does NOT even have a DRIVERS license. He claims he is a 16 yr pro at bathtub refinishing. NOT the case, he has maybe refinished for the past month or two. He has no idea what he is doing. DO NOT let him in your home, he has a violent criminal record. I have asked him to refund the hundreds of dollars I paid him to do the work correctly and he has refused. He even has the nerve to use pictures of MY work to try to advertise his sham of a business. This is a prime example of someone who is attempting to ruin someone elses 20 years of hard work so he can make a quick buck despite his crimnal background. Please, if you need your bathtub refinshed call someone who has a real business. The economy being so bad right now is bringing every loser out who must make a fast buck in order to survive. I repeat, he DOES not have 16 yrs experience(he was in jail for most of those years) he does NOT even have a drivers license.

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