Axis Entertainment, Inc. Review


This woman Sarah Miller is a total FRAUD AND CON ARTIST, she founded the Media X Awards and gives herself awards every year then puts everywhere that she is an Award Winning PR and media mogul, I assure you she is not. | She lies about everything, she is a major con artist. She will tell you everything that you want to hear just to get your monthly retainer then she does nothing. Axis Entertainment is not a legit PR firm, she barely knows how to write. Every email she sends has typos, HER EMAIL EVEN SAYS PLEASE EXCUSE THE TYPOS. | DO NOT LET THIS SCAM ARTIST REPRESENT YOUR COMPANY. STAY AWAY | EVEN ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE, IT STATES THAT SHE IS THE FOUNDER OF THE MEDIA AWARDS THAT SHE GIVES HERSELF. WHAT A SCAM!


Name: Axis Entertainment, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Beverly Hills

Address: 139 S Beverly Dr # 324

Phone: 1 310-276-2220


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