Ayshazen Burmese Cats Review


Chrissy Russell sold me two kittens that both died. She takes no responsibility. she talks a good talk and throws around all those credentials. I found out she has a ton of cats. And she breeds three breeds. And they are sick and she blames others for it. There are many of us that had the same fate. I asked for a replacement or a refudn and she did nothing. She blocked me on facebook and isn’t repsonding to phoen calls and emails. She is a horrible person and looks good only on papers. The reality is that shes a gloryified backyrad breeder and a scam artist. Once you complain,she goes after you and tries to defame you. Shame on you, Chrissy Russell. You are scumbag, hoarder and aimal abuser. She knows nothing aoubt cat deseases. just look at her website and her excuses on every one of them. | I looked around the internet and hse’s know for this. Just check out bad cat breeders on facebook. | Or their website badcatbreeders.com. When I saw what she did to another person who complained and then how she treated people reporting her even though they did nothing and she did all the bad things I decided not to file a complaint with them. She’s a horrible and vindictive and amean person and she only cares about money. | Here are links to her other web sites. Mass producing poor little kittens. Animal abuser! | ayudamistaustralianmists.com/health-issues.html | scribd.com/document/168174853/Khao-Manee-Cats


Name: Ayshazen Burmese Cats

Country: United Kingdom

State: England

City: Eastleigh, Hampshire


Phone: 44 (0)7865 563 882

Website: www.ayshazencats.com

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