Azurite Pool & Patio Experts Plantation Florida Review


Mark Hetzel and Avi Zohar came to our home in mid October and gave us a price on a full pool, pool deck and patio remodel/resurface. We awarded them the project on 10/9 and they deposited our check of $5,000 on 10/10/17. We were told our project would start on 11/6 – 1st phase was demolotion. 11/6 came and went, and after days of calls the demo crew arrived on 11/10. Missing adquate tools and having very little direction, they started the demo of our deck/patio tile. After 2 days and the demo incomplete, we never saw them again. Mark eventually stopped returning our calls and texts. Our job was abandoned. Once our lawyer reached out to him and Avi, Avi came to our home on 11/22/17 to understand what needed to be done to make us whole. We gave him an equitable solution for all parties which had us getting an agreed upon sum back by 11/27. We shook hands on it. On 11/27, Avi’s tune completely changed – offering us either less than a 1/3 of the refund we agreed to or for us to wait at least 45 days for them to return to complete our project. Our pool was empty. With our backyard in structural shambles, we let him know both options were unacceptable and we would be pursuing legal action.

4115 West Park Road Hollywood, Florida United States


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