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B & B Auto Sales BUYER BEWARE Do Not Go There Puyallup Washington!!. My son bought a 2017 Ford F150 from this place in May 2014. What a BIG HORRIBLE BAD DECISION. The salesmen kept telling us what a really great truck and that it had NO ISSUES. BOLD FACE LIES. They also showed us a car fax on the vehicle- wondering now if it was the real thing Also was told that there was NO after market warranty company that would offer a warranty on the vehicle. Sure that was a lie too. In June it cost 2122.58 to fix many things that were wrong with it. Also found out that whomever painted the underneath of this truck did so to COVERUP the abuse and condition of which this truck was driven. There was so much mud caked up under the truck that only could be seen when the truck was completely lifted off the ground. Funny to think back that the salesmen made it a point to point out how clean the truck was inside and out and under it. I firmly believe they knew all the issues/problems with this vehicle but choose to not say a word. They lied. 20K truck that now has a transmission issue. The problems never end with this vehicle. By the time all is said and done I will have bought this truck twice – car payments and repair bills. When the first issues started we called them to talk to them about this the salesman was no longer there and everyone else was too busy and no one ever called u back. Called again pretty much told too bad so sad. Deal with it we bought it’s our problem now. Please never purchase a vehicle from them. Read the other reviews about them. Wish we would have looked into this company a lot more because if we would have we would never have gone there. We are filing a compliant with the BBB against them. It probably will do us no good but at least it may keep someone else from having this happen to them

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