Babor Cosmetics America Corp.


Babor Cosmetics America Corp. Babor Cosmetics America Corp Tim Waller BEWARE BABOR COSMETICS STEALS IDENTITIES, READ MORE Delray Beach Florida!!. I ordered online products from the store. My purchase arrived sooner then expected it was correct and complete, including a sample item. A few days later my credit card company notified me of fraudulent charge totaling over $2,000 dollars. After some investigation I found out the charges were connected to a company associated with Barbor’s CEO Tim Waller. Real nice is that free sample an exchange for stealing my Identity?????? After many phone calls with Deborah Luka at 800-333-4055 which she consistently gave me the run around and surprisingly never once denyed that Mr Waller is associted with that outside company. I will never order from this company again, customer please beware

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