Ordered a VC Nitro from on November 19 2005, Its been almost three weeks and they have yet to send me a tracking # or refund. According to their web page I should get tracking in 3 days and the product in 10days. I tried both phone #’s on thier web site but both don’t work.. I sent about 10 emails to them with the last three requesting a refund. They did respond three times, heres what they wrote: 10/26/05 “hello, I am sorry not to get back to you, we have had some bad weather here, I will have heidi get the tracking numbers to you later today.” NO response later that day….. 11/1/05 “hello, I am sorry not to get back to you, between the storms and I have been in the hospital we are behind on shipping, I will get you your tracking number and get your order out to you by the end of the week, again sorry for the delay.” NO response later that week….. 11/8/05 “hello, we are able to get the bike, the shipping companys are having some problems getting to the west coast and we have been trying to solve this, and for the past two weeks miami has had its oun problem with the storms, we also have had the last storm to deal with, I am sorry for all the delays, and I have not responded because for the last 3 weeks I have been in the hospital, sorry, I am the only one who runs the office to email you back.I will get back to you later today , we have another shipper who can get to your area and will email you the details.” NO response later that day…. As you can see each email they sent is another delay.. I have request that since they are having so much trouble with the merchandise that they simply refund the money, yet they have not done so and have not responded since. They are very unresponsive and I am not sure why they won’t refund my money. If you look at there web page heres a company statement: “Backstreet Scooters believes that customer service is the most important part of a business. Anyone can sell scooters, but only a company with quality, stability and dependability are going to be here to help you with any problem you may have during your purchase or after to get the parts you need. Backstreet Scooters is committed to be here to make your buying experience as easy and prompt as we can. Please remember, it is your money and you deserve quality and good service… demand no less!! We give our all to serve you. That’s our Business!” I have also filed a claim with paypal to try to get my money back but they have not responded to that claim either.. Three more days of no response and the claim is in my favor yet there is no gurantee I will get my money back… I don’t believe that any consumer has to go through this, if there is trouble just refund the money so that I can take my business elsewhere. Terence Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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