Backyard Masters Complaint


After visiting the first time and being told we could basically drop a new pool of the same size into the current decking, we were laughed at by the installer who quickly told us that was ridiculous. The decking had to be removed. So we did! Stupidly we returned to Backyard Masters and ordered a pool. Upon calling the installers that Backyard Masters recommended, we get told that the installation will cost almost $5oo more because the pool we purchased “was a difficult pool to install” After calling Backyard Masters, we were given the runaround promising a call back. None came. So I called them to ask about the cancellation policy and how many days by law do I have to cancel a contract. I snappily get told that “I don”t know how long you have” This was supposedly said by the manager! When I told her we were being “jerked around” she kept saying, “There is something wrong with you, there is something wrong with you.” The only thing wrong with me is that I trusted Backyard Masters. It”s amazing how nice they are prior to the sale but as soon as they have your check, all you get is nasty retorts and the threat of a 20% restocking fee if you cancel. They can be as nasty as they want because they think they have you over a barrel. I guess they figure they can be as nasty as they want because you already paid and who wants to lose $1000! Stay away from Backyard Masters. They smile and then stab you in the back.

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