Bad Boy Report: Adam F. Kohen, Pamona NY, USA


Name of Domestic Abuser: Adam F. Kohen, Pamona NY, USA

Reported by: – about anon ex




Sexual preference:


Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status:





Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Weight (lbs):




Adam feels compelled to watch every theatrical release at his disposal. He also is a pretty good actor. although after knowing him for so many years I can say that when it comes to women, 0r men he might want to date. his personality is changed a lot. if you stay w/ him for a while, the mask will start to come off. This is a man who is tied w/puppet like strings to the wills of his parents. His parents happen to be racist, for one thing. to pass the time doing minstrel shows. asian voices, indian voices saying things that would not be allowed on tv. . . and then the ‘ghetto voices’ meaning black.i don’t even want to be here writing this. The way. That I see it,Adam is good at pretending to be such a wonderful man. The fact that he never made it as a palentologist. not even close.And a teacher- fired 3 times in 3 years.Things like that should be considered red flags. He is an arrogant man. he believes that if he cheats, you will be too dumb to figure anything out.he has good about him too, of course, but for now he needs to keep going to his therapist. I have noticed from him a sort f desparate cowardice when other men confront him, and an uncontrolable temper when dealing only with the woman he’s with. Small snarky insults to someone he’s professed to love can quickly escalate- with no provocation- to him swinging his arms and screaming at you how worthless you are. It may be of little importance but the sex was sad. he only has 2 inches and he suffers from acute erectile dysfunction. i feel bad for him, but so much worse for any man or woman who gives him a chance. Then a second chance. And then maybe another one (cheating all the way)

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