Bad Boy Report: Brian Taylor enforces law, but not morals Brian Taylor

Bad Boy Report: Brian Taylor enforces law, but not morals Brian Taylor

Name of Domestic Abuser: Brian Taylor enforces law, but not morals Brian Taylor

Reported by: – NovemberRain

Age: 34


Location: Cleveland, OH

Sexual preference: Straight


Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Single

Profession: Government



Ethinicity: White or Caucasian

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weight (lbs):




We met on MySpace back in autumn of 2005, started casually chatting & texting, strong feelings blossomed between us but I lived in Florida and he lived in Ohio But we decided to be exclusive in January 2006. He moved me up fr Florida with him to Cleveland in summer of 06, but after 5 moths he started becoming distant and then after a couple more months he told me to move back to Florida because he wasnt ready. Then a girl came forward through myspace messages and told me she slept with him in October of 06. But after months of him begging me back and since I had no concrete proof, I took him back and we continued a long distance relationship from summer of 07 until June 2010, when I moved BACK to Cleveland for him and left my family, friends & life behind in Florida. After living with him for a little over 3 years, we just split in October 2013, because thats when I found out he had been seeing a female coworker since March 2013. She and Brian admitted everything to me, the secret meetings at her house and the texting back and forth and he told her we were breaking up soon so they could be together soon. Well now Im back in Florida, much happier away from that lying spineless *****. I would advise any female to be smart and keep away from him, hes very needy and selfish and now I know what a conniving little cheat he is, hes a monster with a badge, hes a corrections officer but hes going into the Cleveland police academy soo Hes the last person I would want to serve and protect me, because I know how gutless and low he really is. Plus hes the biggest Mommas boy you will ever meet, he cant live too far away from his parents because hes needy as ****. Stay away from Brian Louis Taylor if you want to protect your heart. |

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