Bad Boy Report: Justin D Lopriore| 508-523-7027


Name of Domestic Abuser: Justin D Lopriore| 508-523-7027

Reported by: – safetyfirst

Age: 30+

Country: USA

Location: New England

Sexual preference: Not sure


Zodiac Sign: Not sure

Maiden Name:

Relationship Status: Not sure

Profession: Not sure

Education: Not sure


Ethinicity: Not sure

Hair Color: Not sure

Eye Color: Not sure

Height: Not sure

Weight (lbs): Not sure

Tattos: Not sure



Justin booked a hour with New England escort and confirmed her hourly rate. He showed up 15 minutes early, he requested a roleplay session. He told the provider how much he enjoyed the session and then he only paid 1/2 the rate. So basically Justin is a disrespectful man who thinks it is OK to rob a escort and steal 1/2 her wages. |

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