Bad Boy Report: Watch out for Deacon Diggs – Carl Diggs

Bad Boy Report: Watch out for Deacon Diggs – Carl Diggs

Name of Domestic Abuser: Watch out for Deacon Diggs – Carl Diggs

Reported by: – Pickledtank

Age: 60


Location: Burlington, NJ

Sexual preference: N/A

Gender: Male

Zodiac Sign:

Maiden Name: N/A

Relationship Status: N/A

Profession: Other



Ethinicity: N/A

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: N/A

Height: N/A

Weight (lbs):




A born loser. While married to his first wife, he fathered a child outside of marriage. Before being divorced, he began dating another woman whom he told he was separated. In fact he was still living with his wife. When the divorce was finalized he married for the second time.Tthis marriage was so that he could elevate his status by moving out of Philly to the suburbs of NJ. Once in NJ he began seeking women from the church to fool around with, One was Regina, the pastors sister in law and the other was Stacy. While going through his second divorce, he was being courted by Stacy. When the divorce was final, he proposed to Stacy using his second wife’s’ diamonds. Stacy did provide him with a bigger house and nice car. They parade around church as Deacon and Deaconess Diggs. He was crowned Deacon Diggs because he was a lacky for the pastor. Even after accusations and allegations of infidelity and serious domestic issues he remains in this position. No shame in their game. |

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