Badcock Home Furniture & more Review


My wife and I purchased a couch from Badcock in Cutler Bay, FL. The couch, within a few months, starting developing holes in the fake leather. Before long I had three holes and more were beginning to come in. I notified Badcock who had the insurance company come over to take pictures. They notified us that they would give us a store credit for $500. We went out and purchased a new fabric for the couch and re-upholstered the couch and ordered $500 of merchandise to use the store credit. Upon delivery of the credited Badcock furniture they said they had to take my couch that I had repaired in order to leave their furniture. | I had just spent close to $350 to fix this couch. The insurance compnay had issued the credit and Badcock would not give it to us. In the agreement that they sent us there was absolutely no mention of returning the damaged couch, or I would have never repaired it. The manager Carlos was rude, and threatned to call the police on me if they couldn’t take my couch that I had paid for. These guys are crooks, and would not honor the insurance company’s credit that was issued to us. I finally got them to leave my house with the furniture they were trying to deliver.


Name: Badcock Home Furniture & more

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Mulberry

Address: P.O. Box 497

Phone: 1-800-223-2625


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