Bailey Cleveland – Muskegon, Michigan Michigan


This woman (not sure she deserves to be called a woman) her name is Bailey Ann Cleveland. She lives on wolf Lake road in Fruitport, MI. She also works for Shape in Grand Haven, MI. She not only has attempted/succeeded to ruin 3 families already she’s moved on again. As a friend of her (not anymore) I can not and will not watch this continue to happen. Thankfully for my sake not so much hers Bailey is the one who showed me this site. She was not happy with her picture and information being posted on here. I was upset myself. But I get it now. She did me wrong just like everybody else she has done wrong in the past. If your the guy or the wife from these previous posts it’s all true, this is a game for her. She gets off doing this to men and even worse families. She calls the children hinders they mean nothing to her, just a bump in her road to success. She will never go further in life until she suckers one into marriage so she can live off them. That’s why the last fiancÚ cheated and ran. You can only take so much. So please before you allow her to be any part of your life, your social media, your children’s lives I’m warning you. I am sorry to those who have been hurt already. I should have spoke up and warned you before. I just didn’t want to believe someone I considered a friend to be this type of person.

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