Baker Chevrolet Red Springs NC


Baker Chevrolet Red Springs NC SOLD TRUCK THAT IS RUSTED BEYOND REPAIR Red Springs North Carolina!!. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY! Baker Chevrolet is what gives used car dealers and salesmen a negative stereotype. DO NOT BUY A CAR OR TRUCK FROM HERE! I purchased a Chevrolet 3500 Duramax Diesel from this dealer around 7 months ago. The truck had right under 12,000 miles on it. I pulled a Carfax and it came back clean. The truck appeared to be in excellent shape. It was clean and the frame looked brand new. The truck now has around 19k miles. About a month ago I was cleaning the truck and wiping the door jams out when my hand went through the door jam. Rust has eaten most of the door and rear panel as you can see from the photos below. After further inspection under the truck you can see where the undercoating the dealer applied to conceal the rust is also starting to peal back all over. I immediately called Charlie my salesman, he told me he would have his manager call me and he couldn’t do anything. After a day and me sending another email Chris the General Manager called. He told me it was a used truck and had been bought at the sale. I said ok, but why was the truck not gone through and where was this inspection you claimed it went through before being sold? Charlie the salesman told me truck looks like it rolled off the showroom. He told me to send him pictures which I did. I did not hear from him for a week finally after messages being left he called back and told me he was going to make it “right” and trade me out. I said ok great. I went online and find a similar work truck. I emailed Charlie and gave him the stock number and told him to get back with numbers. Charlie emailed me back an offered me 16k for the truck. I just paid 24,500 7 months ago. I was taken back. I called Chris the GM and he said that the price of those trucks had dropped at the auction. I laughed and asked him where making this “right” had gone? I am sure if Chris bought his wife a used Tahoe or Suburban from a Chevrolet dealer with 11k miles on it and put his hand through the rear door he would be singing a different tune. I honestly feel the truck is so rusted it is literally dangerous to drive at this point. If someone where to run into the side of the truck there wouldn’t be enough strong metal to protect anyone sitting in the passenger seat. The bottom line is the dealer new this truck was rust bucket and sold it anyway. I honestly could see this if I bought this truck from “Bob’s used car” dirt lot but I thought I was getting a quality truck by buying from a Chevrolet dealer. For the record I did not expect to get the full $24,500 back for the truck since I did have it for 7 months and 7k miles but I was thinking they would offer somewhere in the $20-$22k money. Not a chance! BUYER BEWARE

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