Balfour Rings woodbridge Virginia Review


I bought a class ring to celebrate my recent MS degree. After setting up a payment plan for the $500 ring, I recieved a letter informing me to send more money to your company. I called the number provided 3 times over 2 weeks and NO ONE CALLED ME BACK as promised by their voicemail message (“within 2 days””). And now I have recieved a second letter threatening to report me to the credit bureaus! nI am a military member with PERFECT credit. They could have at LEAST given me the courtesy of a call back

I will file a complaint with the BBB and return the ring. nBy the way

the workmanship between my high school ring (1985) and this one is vastly diferent. The quality of the engraving is very poor and some of the ring mold wax wasn’t evn cleaned off! I am sure they are outsourcing to some third world country like everyone else. SHAME ON YOU Balfour! nUnhappy customernwoodbridge


PO Box 149056512 Austin, Texas U.S.A.

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