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Came across the website on Facebook advertising Pandora charms that were at a discounted price. So I decided to buy a couple of charms as a Christmas present for my mum. The order arrived in about 10 days and they were sad looking, non-genuine and defected charms that looked nothing like advertised on the website. So i emailed them and at first they offered a 10% refund for the defects but I was unhappy with the compromised and then was replied with : Hello,Sorry for the inconvenience.If you want full refund, you need to send the package back.And you are responsible for the shipping cost.Please ship the package to the address on the envelope.When the package reaches us successfully, we can do refund.If the package don’t reach us successfully, we don’t do refund.Regards So I decided to reserach the address that was on the package which I was sent was written: LieXiao Ji Feng Dianzishangwu no 169 Luojing Road Minhangqu Shanghai 200327 I discovered that not only the the postcode does not exist in Shanghai, the Luojing Road does not exist either. I emailed them to revise me a proper address to send it. They simply replied to change the postcode to 200000. This is definitely a scam that has been going on in several countries using similar websites under the pretense of being official Pandora retailers. Do no trust them.

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